We received a mandate from our Automobile MNC

We received a mandate from our Automobile MNC client for the senior position in (SCM). I started my search from different job portals but opening was already explored in the market from couple of months and I was not getting the right and fresh candidates to share with client. Now the challenge was to identify the right candidate matching client requirement.
So first I identified the list of all the automobile companies in market having same kind of setup. Then I headhunted those companies as in every company there were hardly 1-2 people for this profile. When we started headhunting all the candidates that were available in the market, the candidates were not entirely matching to the mandate shared.
After extensive working we prepared a Mapping Sheet from the list of companies that were being mapped and what pool of candidates were available in the Market. After sharing the Mapping Sheet with the client we had a detailed telecon regarding the challenges we were facing. Seeing our efforts and the regular follow up, client was impressed and even complimented us for the same. The client then discussed the scenario with the BU Head since he was rigid on some points. The BU head after seeing all the work done reviewed the conditions and accepted our suggestions.  We shared the profiles and we were able to close the position successfully.
The closure of this position added to one of my good experiences in recruiting.

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