Recruitment Firm: Relevance in Present Scenario

Nowadays, it has been found that some of corporate feels that in view of future scenario, the recruitment firms will no longer be required due to emergence of new tools and techniques with potential of replacing the present recruitment system in vogue.

We had two hr conversation with few senior HR professional working in top echelons on pertinent HR issues wherein lot of ideas and thoughts were discussed. Few of the ideas that came out after prolonged discussion are as follows:

  • It was brought out by an HR executive that on posting for job vacancy on internet more than 500 responses was received in next 24 hrs. With this kind of direct responses he was wondering as to how long the recruitment firms will continue to exist.

Suddenly my voice breaks the ice  as I brought to his notice that  the recruitment firms are not postal services and then I asked him as to with how many persons you communicated thereafter regarding the job, how many responses were potential candidatures and were you really able to close your position???

As expected, I found him with no answers to my queries and then very mildly he brought out that it is not humanly possible to communicate with 500 responses in a couple of days. I smiled and told him that in a country like India which has such abundant talent and workforce there are more than 10 million people who are actively looking for a job or a change/transition. Here in lies the actual employability of recruitment firms to separate the wheat from the chaff and provide best suitable candidate.


  • Now a day’s referral schemes are in culture for immediate hiring, which is so far good for entry and middle level hiring but once you are hiring for critical position it could be extremely harmful for the company in the long run.

I would strongly recommended utilising services of a recruitment firm (third party) to get independent candidate because I have undergone similar situation when such referrals creates overwhelming influence for people who refer them especially when the referee also has a direct or indirect role to play in the hiring decision due to various undercurrents in the organisation and at times can also be attributed to office politics.


  • As per the challenges and competition, companies have to concentrate on core competencies and must outsource non-core activities like recruitment. Recruitment firms not only have more competency but also have a wide experience base by making use of latest and upgraded tools and techniques with best practices to find “Right Man for Right Job”.


  • If companies start calling candidates directly, it might create negative impact on prospective candidates that this company is not so big and even if a selected candidate do not join the organization, he never tells the exact reason to company executives but with an consultant he shares his motive for not accepting the offer and provides truthful feedback which is crucial for any firm as it’s an improvement in process.


  • Recruitment agencies play a mediator role like scheduling the interview as per the company and candidate availability, strong negotiation with both etc. If salary negotiations take directly by company then neither candidate nor company want to initiate as none of them wants to give up first. This never let down the prestige of a company.


  • For urgent hiring, recruitment firm will able to provide prompt solution rather than your own team. As recruitment firm always come across such kind of opening and have strong database along with standby relevant candidates.


  • The recruitment agencies can only sustain in market if they are upgraded using best practices and have expertise in the same domain. So there is a continuous improvement in process but for company recruitment team they have other routine work at hand and a company will never earn from that team even it is an expenses for the company to upgrade them on latest technology.


  • A lot of talent attraction is aimed at attracting applicants, whether they are responding to an advert, applying on spec, or through your website. A lot of these people may not be good matches for the role hence a lot of time will be invested in filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with them. Using a recruitment agency should mean that you see only candidates – job seekers who have been pre-selected to match all the criteria that you are looking for and who are worthy of consideration and interview.


  • It is also find that 45% candidates are not always active in internet or they are quite busy and such candidates are hard to find. They may be passive or may be selective. If someone is not able to respond on advertisement doesn’t meant that they are not a talent pool.


Finding such kind of talent pool is very tricky which is made possible by employing recruitment agency as they have both macro and micro knowledge of market scenario and possess sound network built on trust and reputation amongst these potential candidates.

  Article by Shishir Mohan (Business Head)

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