As a part of this beautiful planet we consume natural resources like water, oxygen etc to live life healthy but unfortunately we indulge in action which adversely affect our environment.

Due to the pressures of population, pollution and technology, the biophysical environment is being degraded, sometimes permanently.

What are some of the consequences?

  • One billion people in the world have no clean water
  • Two billion people have inadequate sanitation
  • One and a half billion people (mostly in large cities of newly industrialized countries) breath air that is dangerously unhealthy
  • Hundreds of millions of poor farmers struggle to make a living on poor land
  • Whole countries are on the verge of famine

The consequences of the same will be very dangerous for new generation and it’s our prime responsibility to provide them fresh and unpolluted environment. On this theme we have initiated our “Sustainability Program” under our CSR activity.

We at Job Revolution are committed to our responsibility towards our society. We are devoted to improve and sustain our health and environment under our Sustainability Program.

In the year we are undertaking following activity.

  • 2000 trees plantation
  • Free vehicle Pollution check camp
  • Awareness Program with Aryan Group NGO
  • Free fabric bags distribution
  • Environment protection quiz competition in various schools
  • Drawing competition on sustainable environment etc.


Apart from this for society welfare we are running “Job Revolution Society Welfare Program”

  • “Nanhi Kali”- In this we are spreading the awareness about female foeticides. We encourage people not to indulge in such crime.
  • “Share a little, Care a little”- We organize blood donation camp. Blood Donation is service to Humankind, By Donating Blood you help a needy and save a precious life.
    Transfusion of blood every year saves Millions of life all over the world every year.
  • “For You”- In this program we do help for needy persons by distributing clothes, foods, blankets, books etc.